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Dani Poppitt

In reviewing music for the Manson Girls "get your song on the soundtrack" contest, John McFee and I discovered that 2 out of the top 3 songs chosen by us were written and performed by the same singer/songwriter - a detail we weren't even aware of until we looked closer at the entry names - AFTER we picked the songs.
Turns out that this young and very talented writer named
Dani Poppitt is also a Southern Californian, which made it logistically easy to get together and be creative.
So far, Dani and I have recorded 2 songs - one of which we were fortunate enough to have John McFee contribute his inimitable dobro and harmonica sensibilities to.
As schedules permit, we are planning to record many more.
Dani and I plan on debuting previews to these songs (as we get more recorded) on her media channels.
Keep an ear out - IMHO - she's a star.

Manson Girls | Indiegogo

Susanna Lo, director, screenwriter and author, has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the final funds needed to finish the biopic Manson Girls movie.
Here is a direct quote from the site:

“We need to raise an additional $150,000, ideally more, so we can start the next phase of shooting on Manson Girls. With close to 100 cast members and a story that takes place in 1969, the whole Manson Girls team is dedicated to bringing an authentic representation of the time and place of this real period in American history. Our incredible THANK YOU GIFTS include autographed photos of the cast (these pics go for double on Ebay), cd copies of Manson Girls soundtrack with members of The Doobies, The Beach Boys, The Bangles, David Crosby, Beth Hart and the cast participating, and opportunities to come on set and have lunch with the cast. So help us complete this journey and we’ll thank you by bringing you into our family.”

Please check the link for all the details. There are really fantastic perks for all levels of contributions!

Manson Girls | Indiegogo


Melody - Inflection - Nuance - Kinetics (or motion)

I've been thinking about what helps to make a piece of music and/or recording resonate
for me, on a subconscious level, and I came up with the furry little acronym - MINK.

Melody - Seems obvious but it can be overlooked so often. It's that seemingly simple succession of intervals that just stick in your head. It's obviously worth mentioning that without the subtleties of 'great chord changes and harmonic invention' underneath the melody, the melody itself wouldn't be quite as engaging - and yet it's always the melody that endures, even beyond the complexity of the harmonic underpinnings.

The word 'Inflection' could easily have been replaced by the word 'Intonation'. I now know that the difference between the records that sounded amazing, versus the ones that sounded 'funny' (back when I was a child and wasn't consciously aware of pitch) were the ones where good intonation magically found its way to the recordings, being
de rigueur. Having said that, let's just assume that that's a given and all performances should strive for good intonation as a basic prerequisite.
So, back to...

Inflection - Defined as any change in pitch or tone. Whether it's a great vocal, sax solo or violin performance, the brilliant use of inflection is the difference between something living and breathing and something that sounds lifeless and robotic. Every vocal performance that has ever 'killed' me - running the gamut from Billie Holiday to Paul McCartney has made brilliant use of Inflection.

Nuance - Going hand in hand with Inflection, this is the ingredient that makes music truly breath. I couldn't imagine a string section without the nuance of dynamics or a soloist performing without the nuance of phrasing - playing with meter and distorting time. Think Sinatra.

Kinetics - Okay, I could have said motion, but then I'd have the the acronym MINM - not nearly as memorable. Kinetics is the study of motion and it's the motion within music that makes an almost primordial connection with us. The rhythm that pins the melody to the bar, that propels the harmonic invention forward can be as important as the melody itself.
If melody and harmony are the soul of music, then kinetics or motion is the body.

My 2 cents...

Doobie Brothers

When you're in a band that tours as much as the Doobie Brothers tour, your family on the road becomes as close (and at times as dysfunctional) as your family at home. The bonds we forge are often as close as any we'll ever make in our lives. Now, looking back on my life in this business, I can clearly see the genuine friends that I've been fortunate enough to share this rare experience with. While we might not always see eye to eye, behaving very much like brothers do I suppose, at the end of the day we are family. So again too soon, I say goodbye to another one of our family members, Michael Hossack - a big man with a gruff exterior that could never quite camouflage an even bigger heart. Your friendship and musicianship was a great gift. We will all miss you Big Mike - much love brother.

Manson Girls

The "Manson Girls" movie steams forward, albeit with a few pauses to accommodate the schedules of the various talent involved.
The production company, in association with Robo Records, has created a song writing contest - entries to be reviewed by John McFee and myself as well as Robo Records director, Rob Christie and Manson Girls director, Susanna Lo.
First prize is, and I quote, "Your original song will be recorded and produced by living legend music veterans Guy Allison and John McFee of The Doobie Brothers and put on the Manson Girls soundtrack, recorded on Robo Records a subsidiary of UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP."
"Living legends music veterans" huh... I'm sure they're referring to Mr. McFee there!
Nonetheless, this sounds like my kinda fun.
Please check the web link for all the pertinent info.