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Dani Poppitt

In reviewing music for the Manson Girls "get your song on the soundtrack" contest, John McFee and I discovered that 2 out of the top 3 songs chosen by us were written and performed by the same singer/songwriter - a detail we weren't even aware of until we looked closer at the entry names - AFTER we picked the songs.
Turns out that this young and very talented writer named
Dani Poppitt is also a Southern Californian, which made it logistically easy to get together and be creative.
So far, Dani and I have recorded 2 songs - one of which we were fortunate enough to have John McFee contribute his inimitable dobro and harmonica sensibilities to.
As schedules permit, we are planning to record many more.
Dani and I plan on debuting previews to these songs (as we get more recorded) on her media channels.
Keep an ear out - IMHO - she's a star.